Neighborhood Watch

Formed in 2009 and sponsored by the Alliance and the Durham Police Department, the Falconbridge Neighborhood Watch (NW) is one of several similar organizations in Durham whose aim is reducing and preventing crime. Our neighborhood enjoys excellent service from the police: rapid response times (often two to seven minutes), frequent random patrols by marked and unmarked police cars, and support and encouragement at all our meetings. Officers have permission to use our Clubhouse at all hours.


We take pride in the fact that our efforts are routinely cited as the model for all others in the city and may be responsible in part for our lower crime rate. Daylight break-ins do, however, occur in the neighborhood, sometimes perpetrated by individuals posing as solicitors and itinerant workmen. Continued vigilance is warranted.


The sole function of NW is to watch for suspicious persons, vehicles and activities and then to report those to the police and participating neighbors. It is NOT a vigilante organization, but a well-organized communications network of observant neighbors who seek to keep Falconbridge free of crime. To reduce the likelihood of violent confrontation, NW strongly discourages anyone who holds a “concealed carry” permit from serving as a Block Captain.


If you are not participating in NW, you should be! Complete the form below to register your household. This is the extent of the data we maintain—most pertinently the make, model, color and license tag of the cars that will regularly be parked outside your home. Your information is carefully guarded and will be shared ONLY with the Falconbridge Welcome Committee, the editors of The Bridge newsletter, and the annual Falconbridge Directory of Residents. (We will assume you have no objection to this unless you so indicate under “Remarks” and underline the relevant portions of the information.)



Due to our involvement in Neighborhood Watch, all homes and townhomes in Falconbridge are eligible for a Security Assessment. A Crime Prevention Officer from the Durham Police Department will conduct a walk-through of your residence to determine strategies to lessen your property’s “curb appeal” for the ‘”would be criminal.“ These Security Assessments focus on physical, electronic and procedural security and the new Crime Prevention through environmental Design (CTPeD).


After review, you will receive a typed copy of the assessment with specific recommendations.


Contact our District 3 Community Resource  Officer Lawanda Mock, or call 919-560-4404 x29417 to schedule your Security Assessment.



Did we mention this Security Assessment is Free of charge? Another great reason to be part of the Falconbridge Neighborhood Watch! 

Looking for your Neighborhood Watch Block Captain?

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