Transportation Services

Volunteers offer transportation assistance to Alliance members who need help getting to the grocery store, medical appointments, even the airport.


The list below includes individuals who are willing to assist with transportation when you are unable to drive. Please contact individuals on the list with your request. If one unable  to meet your request, try others listed until your request is accommodated!


Volunteers marked with an asterisk "*" are also able to drive to the airport and return. All other trips are gratis. Airport transport  is 15.00 for one way and 25.00 for a round trip in the form of a donation to:

FVA (Falconbridge Village Assoc)

21 Charrington,

Chapel Hill,NC 27517.



Leslie Balkany          919-489-3144


Saling, Nona            919-419-7888


Guy Hickey               919-493-2374


Weingarden, Ronit   919-489-9975


Claudia Stephens     919-490-1397


Bob Jackson*          919-408-0535


Carol Land*              919-490-1839


Meginnis, Sharon*     919-408-0147


McLamb, Ann           919-797-0833


Rosenberg, Mary and Alan Vaux 919-401-0036,


Carolyn Parker         919-251-8449


Linda Barry              919-490-8474


Hallgren, Liz             919-401-9953