Falconbridge Friends



Falconbridge Friends:  Who We Are

February 2017


Falconbridge Friends is a program, staffed by neighborhood volunteers, that provides assistance to residents who experience conditions, either temporary or longer-term, that may interfere with their ability to sustain fully independent living in their homes.  The types of circumstances qualifying for volunteer assistance might include recovery from surgery or childbirth, illness, limited physical dexterity or mobility, and other disabilities or limitations requiring practical or emotional support. Such volunteer services are intended to appropriately supplement any assistance available from family members, friends and members of relevant professional staffs (such as doctors, nurses, therapists and home-care specialists).


A resident (or their family member or representative) may initiate a request for assistance by contacting a representative of the program in the manner provided below.  All such inquiries, and the provision of any follow-up services, will be treated as confidential.  A volunteer will meet with the resident to evaluate his or her needs and ascertain whether those needs are compatible with the purposes of the volunteer program.  If assistance is undertaken, a detailed program and schedule will be established and a committee of volunteers will be assembled to carry out the program.    


The nature and extent of services may vary, depending in part on whether the resident’s identified needs are short-term or long-term. When assistance is needed to help address a time-limited problem, the services might include preparation and delivery of meals, shopping or running errands, transporting the resident to appointments, simple household tasks, and social visits and recreational outings. For longer-term needs, typically involving efforts to help older residents remain in their homes for as long as feasible, assistance would be adjusted appropriately to include some, but not necessarily all of the types of help described above.

Volunteers will not undertake any activities that are the proper responsibility of professional services.


To seek assistance, volunteer, or to obtain more information about the Falconbridge Friends, please contact FalconbridgeFriends@gmail.com or call 919-391-8210.