Join the FalconbridgeAlliance Listserv!


 Clubhouse photo courtesy of Mia Prior and Richard Perry


Joining the group is simple:


1. Go to

2. Select the ‘Apply for Membership in this Group’ icon near the bottom of the screen.

3. Enter the email address you wish to use for the listserv.

4. You will receive a confirmation email at that address.

5. Click on the "Confirm Account" link and you will see the confirmation screen telling you that your request for membership has been sent to the listserv owner. 

6. You will later receive a confirmation email from the listserv owner when you have been accepted.


After that you may post messages to all of the members of the listserv by ending an email to



FalconbridgeAlliance Group Description and Guidelines


Hi. Welcome to the neighborhood, and thanks for subscribing to the Falconbridge

Neighborhood group. This service is supported by the Falconbridge Alliance and is primarily intended to be an online bulletin board for the Falconbridge community (townhomes and single family homes).


This group is open to all individuals who live in the Falconbridge neighborhood in Durham, NC. When you request to join you must provide your name and address in the 'Comment to Owner' section. This helps us ensure that listserv members live in



This is a “Non-Moderated” group, which means that your messages are not screened before posting to the listserv; however, abusive messages may result in the restriction or loss of your posting privileges. Please see the FalconbridgeAlliance Listserv Guidelines below for more information.


Please keep commercial solicitations to a minimum. If you run a business or provide a service that may be of benefit to our members, feel free to announce this once or twice.


Additionally, we ask that you respect the diversity and privacy of our neighbors. Please refrain from posting partisan political messages, religious proselytizing, and the like. Brief announcements of events and activities that may be of a partisan or religious nature are acceptable, provided they are limited to information concerning time, date, place, etc. We know this line may be somewhat hard to define, but other subscribers will probably let you know when you have crossed it.


Finally, being a subscriber to the list does not automatically make you a member of the Falconbridge Alliance. To join the Alliance, please click on "Join the Alliance" in the menu at left.


If you need assistance joining this group or have any questions about the listserv please feel free to email the group owners at


Falconbridge is a very special place, and it's kept that way by our neighbors. Welcome to the neighborhood.


FalconbridgeAlliance Listserv Guidelines


1. Posts of a religious or political nature are not permitted on the FalconbridgeAlliance Listserv. Other online forums and opportunities are available elsewhere for expressing or discussing personal religious or political beliefs.


2. The use of profanity is not permitted under any circumstances.


3. Personal attacks, bullying, or clearly mean-spirited posts about other listserv members are not permitted.


4. Occasional offhand remarks of a sarcastic nature are sometimes helpful in conveying a point, but listserv posts which contain nothing more than sarcastic commentary are not permitted.


5. Repeated back and forth dialog or one-upmanship between two members is not permitted and should be taken off-line.


Moderated vs. Non-moderated


As noted above, this is a “Non-Moderated” group, which means that your messages are not screened before posting to the listserv. A Moderated group as one in which all message are reviewed and approved by a Listserv Manager before they are posted. Although the FalconbridgeAlliance Listserv is Non-Moderated, our service provider, provides a mechanism for moderating or screening messages from individual members before they are posted if one or more members file a complaint that messages are not following the five Guidelines listed above.


The following sections describe the circumstances and mechanisms under which one or more listserv members may be placed on Moderated status.


If you believe that the posts of another member violate one or more of the five

Guidelines listed above:


Please forward the post in question to with a brief message noting which of the Guidelines you believe has been violated. The Listserv Manager will acknowledge receipt of your complaint; that it is being evaluated; and if found to be valid, that appropriate action will be taken.


Please keep in mind that the Listserv Manager will use his/her best judgment and may or may not validate your complaint.


What happens if I’m the sender and someone complains that I’ve violated one or

more Guidelines?


You will only be notified of a complaint if the Listserv Manager determines that the complaint is valid. In such cases, the Listserv Manager will privately notify and remind you of the Guidelines. This will constitute a formal warning.


What if someone complains that I’ve violated one or more of the Guidelines a second



As above, the Listserv Manager will evaluate the complaint. If it is determined to be valid, the Listserv Manager may decide – at his or her discretion – to place you on “Moderated Status” for 30 days; will notify you of this decision; and will include the additional post which violated the Guidelines. While on Moderated status, each of your messages will be reviewed by the Listserv Manager for compliance with the Guidelines. If approved, they will be posted.


What if one or more of my posts violates the Guidelines while I’m in Moderated

status? Will I be suspended from the listserv?


You will be notified that the message was not posted to the listserv and the specific Guideline which was violated. The Listserv Manager may – at his or her discretion – extend your moderated status for another 30 days, or may suspend your listserv privileges altogether.


Does “suspended” mean that I can no longer post to the listserv at all?


Yes. The Listserv Manager reserves the right to suspend privileges of any person or entity who, after being warned and subsequently placed on Moderated status, continues to violate the listserv Guidelines. If this occurs, you will be notified that your privileges have been suspended.


What if all of my posts are deemed appropriate during the 30-day period?


You will be removed from Moderated status and your messages will no longer be screened before posting.



Important links and emails


The website for the listserv is this:


Use the following email to POST a message to the listserv:

Here are some other useful email addresses for the listserv: