Neighborhood Directory

Each year the Falconbridge Alliance publishes a paper directory of all residents with phone and email information. Residents can opt out of listing if they wish. It also includes lots of helpful information about our community.


The directory is distributed to all Alliance members in April-May each year.

Sample of 2018 Directory pages
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Last year’s extreme makeover of the 2018 Falconbridge Directory of Residents debuted to universal oohs and aahs. So why not an encore?


The 78 pages of 2019 edition of Living in Falconbridge includes new and revised feature articles and updates of the Social Activities and Residence  Information sections. And, of course, an up-to-date Directory of Residents — by name and by address. 


The annual directory is one benefit of your membership in The Alliance. It cannot be purchased by non-membersThis year’s annual will be distributed by mail and will again be published in two versions: the plain vanilla version comes with the interior printed in black and white. The deluxe “coffee table” version has full color throughout, including wonderful full-page color montages.


If you'd like to receive the full color version (cost is $8), please fill in your name and street address below. You can pay for it when you pick it up at the clubhouse.



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