Benefits of membership

The Falconbridge Alliance provides a wide range of services and activities for its members. Those include:




Members receive a copy of the annual printed directory of all residents, including names, addresses, email addresses and phone numbers


Members are eligible to participate in the many social activities sponsored by the Alliance each year. Click here for a list of some of the groups and activities available.



Neighborhood Maintenance. The Alliance contributes to improvements to our community, including recent renovations to the clubhouse. For owners of single-family homes, Alliance membership also provides landscaping for the two entrances on Farrington Road and for mailbox maintenance.




The Alliance newsletters keep members informed of social events, new residents, crime reports, and many other topics of interest to Falconbridge residents.



Alliance members are eligible for discounted rental rates to reserve the neighborhood clubhouse for personal parties and events.


Services to Neighbors. Falconbridge Friends provides practical, emotional, and spiritual support for people who need help with caregiving so individuals and families will not have to cope alone. Falconbridge Friends form teams of neighbors, family, and friends who work together to help with health-related needs—temporary or longer-term



For the health of all creatures in Falconbridge, the Alliance provides free pet waste bags at three locations in the neighborhood.



The post office does not maintain the locks on mailboxes, so the Alliance provides a lock replacement service when someone loses their keys. If you need your mailbox lock replaced, send an email request to