The Falconbridge Alliance

The Falconbridge Alliance was formed in 2013 to combine and coordinate the activities of two neighborhood organizations; the Falconbridge Community Assoc (FCA) and the Falconbridge Village (FVA). The Alliance is the primary organization representing the residents of Falconbridge and provides many services to the community.


Membership in the Alliance is voluntary. Annual dues are $60 or $75 for single family homes and $30 or $45 for town homes. Both owners and tenants are welcome to join.


The Alliance uses volunteer labor to organize and operate the many activities listed on the Activities page. Additional volunteers are always needed. Contact any member of the board if you would like to get involved with the Alliance and its programs.



The 2020 Board of Directors


Walt DeGrange (SF), Co-Chair • • 919-442-8164


Pam Richey (TH), Co-Chair • • 919-641-8525


Stephanie Curtis, Treasurer •


Pamela Lothspeich •


BJ Attwood • • 804-869-7806


Sara Morris • • 203-214-1529


Linda Sheer • Social Chair - • 919-636-1825


Marian Cannell • • 919-452-5439  



Mailing address:

Falconbridge Alliance

21 Charrington Place

Chapel Hill, NC  27517