Pickleball is the fastest growing sport in the country, and Falconbridge is now one

of a select group of neighborhoods with private pickleball facilities.


Last spring, some residents put some chalk lines on the old tennis courts and

started playing. A group quickly formed, painted lines, and the addictive sport

took hold. After a trial period, the FHA gave permission to the group to raise

money and resurface the courts for a permanent pickleball facility. There are currently four courts.


Pickleball is a drop-in sport; you don’t need to find partners or reserve a court. Open play means lots of people show up, play games, and rotate players. It is very social and fun for all ages. Falconbridge currently has over 70 players on our pickleball email list. On any given day, there will be from 12 to 20 people playing in a rotating format.


We have recently started a “Pickleball Lite” group with over 20 names. Pickleball Lite is a softer version of the game for those who like the game but don’t want an aggressive, competitive format. We are also starting a neighborhood-to-neighborhood league involving several

other neighborhoods with private courts. This will be a mostly social mixer format

with people in other neighborhoods that enjoy the game.


Pickleball is open to Falconbridge residents and their guests. A pool or social

membership is required for residents. All players and guests must sign a legal

waiver before playing. 





BJ Attwood  attwoodbj@gmail.com 


Open to residents with pool or Social Membership